Sunday, July 17, 2016

MEN - Batman VS Superman A Gay XXX Parody 3


MEN - Batman VS Superman A Gay XXX Parody 2

MEN - Batman VS Superman A Gay XXX Parody 1

MEN - Bashed and Furious 3

MEN - Bashed and Furious 2

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MEN - Barber Shop 2

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CFNM - The New Boy

Naive new boy Jason is about to have the worst day of his life. Desperate to make new friends, he tries to impress the lads by insulting two of the new arrivals from St Catherines girls school. Little does he realise that the girls all stick together - you upset one of them and you incur the wrath of all. They may look sweet and innocent, but when riled they are utterly merciless. And they know just how to teach young Jason a lesson he'll never forget.


1. Schooldays are the best years of your life. Whoever said that must've been a grown-up. With raging hormones the later school years are more often than not utter hell for the poor youngsters who go through it. 
The classroom becomes a cauldron of lust, longing and desire. When you fall head over heals in love for the first time, sometimes it can be beautiful, sometimes a nightmare and sometimes, just sometimes, something else happens that you'll cherish for the rest of your life...


2. It all seems so easy. Hand over £10 and in return be presented with the stolen clothing. He's so eager that Jason never thinks to question why the transaction has to take place in the girls' toilets. He soon regrets entering the cubicle and taking off his clothes... Trapped with no possibility of escape, the terrified lad cowers as he hears the sounds of other girls outside. Painfully aware that only the thin wooden door is between him and discovery.


3. The constant banging on the door makes Jason sick with fear. There's no way to escape without going past the group of girls who are determined to find out who has locked themselves in. Tears roll down his face at the thought of how he'll be punished if he's found out. Perhaps the girls will take pity on him? Maybe they'll give him his clothes back and let him go back to his lessons? The poor lad has no idea just how vindictive St Catherine's girls can be. And they never forget an insult.


4. Jason is learning just what a bad idea it was to have upset the girls from St Catherine's. He's already been made to worship their shoes, endure a firm spanking and been used as an ashtray. But the girls aren't done yet. Having insisted he make amends by asking the girls out on a date, they now order him to wank over them. After all, that's what boys do isn't it? They make it clear if he wants his clothes back, then he'll have to earn them.